Hexham Junior Triathlon, 2017

Written by Emily, age 11, Tristar 2 Category


On the 9th July my whole family drove to Hexham to take part in the OneLife Triathlon.

It all started when our dad woke us up at 5 o’clock to get ready for the big day. As we all scrambled into the car (feeling half asleep) the 1 hour journey started to get to Wentworth Leisure Centre. Still eating our breakfast, listening to some tunes, we finally arrived at the triathlon just before registration opened. As we wandered down to the sports hall we bumped into Kate and Katherine who were doing the adult triathlon with Dad. When we arrived at registration we got a brown envelope which had 2 number stickers, 1 normal number, timing chip and a swim cap. Mine was orange with the number 2 on it. Then we headed back to the bikes to get everything ready for transition: helmet, bike, water bottle, shoes (already with talc in) and cap. After all of this was done it was time to take everything to transition. As the man checked our bikes and told us that my bike was ok I was allowed to rack my bike and set up my transition. While we were in there we bumped into Molly, Dylan, Sammy, William and Olivia that were also racing. We had just had enough time to have a quick walk around the bike route to familiarise ourselves with the course and where we were going to change gears.

The race briefing was next in the sports hall where the man explained what we were going to be doing and telling the parents all of the rules. After that I cheered on the others until it was time for me to race. Hat and goggles on I queued up by the pool where Maia and myself were in the swim heat with my other friends from the NE dev squad. We all had a chat then it was time!

The swim was open water style around 4 buoys set up in the pool. We had to do 4 laps and were told we had to do an open water start even though our feet could easily touch the floor! My strategy was to go fast but not waste all of my energy so I could finished the event. The swim went really well even though some people were pulling at my feet (but this is part of the fun of open water swimming!). I found my bike easily because I had used a bright tea towel in transition. I made sure I put my shoes on properly as Ailsa who had done her event before mine had put hers on the wrong feet and continued to the end including running like that!! The bike course was technical as I was constantly changing gears. This was the bit I was most pleased with at the end though as I am normally in the granny gear all the time!

Back into transition I racked my bike and started my 4 laps of the track for my run. On each lap there was a water station and I chucked it over my head but one time it just landed on my shoes!! Coming up to my last lap the water people expected to give more water to me but I explained all I had left to do was a sprint finish! I really like the tshirt we got as it says TRI-TASTIC on the front. And after getting changed I had a well earned hot dog and cheered on the others. We stayed until the end for the presentations as 2 of the Durham Tri Club ladies got trophies as well as Ailsa who came 3rd in her event. An AWEPIC (awesome and epic) day!!



Ripon Junior Triathlon, 2017

Written by Ailsa, age 8, Tristart Category

On the 2nd of July I went to Ripon Triathlon. I was in the Tristar Start category.

When I woke up I was really excited and ready to go. I got ready into my kit, packed my bags and went downstairs to get my breakfast. I had granola for my breakfast, a good healthy food to have before a race!

A couple of minutes later we got our bags and set off. It took about 1 hour to get there but it seemed like forever! The first job was to go to registration to collect my swim hat, numbers and timing chip. We took them to the tent Annabelle and Calvin had stayed in the night before and attached our numbers to the race belts and bikes. After playing for a while with them and Maia and Dylan, we all went to transition to put our bikes, helmets, water bottle, towel, tri belt and my glasses by our bikes. I put on my wetsuit then it was time for the briefing. The man told us all about the race and where we had to go. I was still excited to be doing my first open water swim! My category was first up and we walked around the lake to the start point where there was a steep side to climb down leading to the water. We were told to duck under the water to get used to it then after a couple of minutes it was time to start.

It was a good job we had learned open water starts at tri club because that is how we started our race, treading water and waiting for the man to blow the hooter. Then we were off. I was at the front so that I could get a fast start and get ahead of others (I nearly kicked someone in the face! Oops!!). There were lots of weeds and I cut my finger (like a grass cut) on some of them. I swam fast and hard and all of a sudden I was at the water exit where two people were helping to pull us out. I ran into transition and the timing mat went BEEP! You had to run around a cone but once I got around the cone I couldn’t find my bike! I ran up and down and then the marshall helped me to find it. I got struck trying to get out of my wetsuit but the same marshall helped me to get my legs out. I quickly put my glasses, helmet, race belt and trainers on then grabbed my bike and ran to the bike exit to head to the mount line. The timing mat went BEEP again! Then I was off on the cycle and lots of people were cheering for me and ringing their cow bells. The cycle course was really hard and uneven on grass with a turnaround point at the bottom of the lake. I turned around and headed back and some people were just coming out on the bike. My dismount went pretty well because I got off before the line and the timing mat went BEEP again! I ran with my bike to the sign that said bike in and I found my spot. I took my helmet off and racked my bike and went on the run out. Guess what? The timing mat went BEEP again! I ran past all the cheering people again. The run was on the same place as the bike. At the finish there was a girl trying to catch me but I sprinted and beat her. The timing mat went BEEP for the last time! After I finished I went and got my goodie bag and printed off my time at the timing machine and got changed out of my wet clothes. Then I went to cheer everyone else on. When I looked at the results I found out that I had been the fastest on the swim in Tristar Start and first girl in my category overall. We waited at the end for the presentations and they called me up and gave me a box of heroes and a gold medal. After all the prizes were given out the 1st place winners got a Swimzi hat each too. Then it was time to head home after a really fun day!!! 



Ripon Junior Triathlon, 2016

Written by Maia, age 9 – Tristar 1 Category




The race was at Ripon Racecourse. I loved camping there with other Durham Tri friends, especially Emily and Ailsa. Camping was in the same place as the race. It was very fun – we cycled around the track and ran around playing with my dog.

The first day we cheered on Daddy and other Durham Tri Friends while they did their race.  We played in each other’s tents and then there was a BBQ party with a band who kept us up late! There was a big steep hill down to the playpark so we dared each other to cycle down it (and scare my mum!) Then we just rolly pollied down the hill lots of times and played at the park. There was a climbing wall and face painting too.

The next day we went to register and I liked getting the number written on my arm and leg – it tickled! I lost my swim hat before I got back to the tent and mum had to run back and get me another one. This was my second triathlon but the other one was in a pool and I got to wear a number belt this time! Mum helped me set up transition and I became really excited. I put my bike next to Emily's.

It took a long time to get in the lake but I had fun with lots of other kids in our wetsuits. The man walked down the line giving us all high fives, making us laugh. We did a warm up and there were lots of adults in the water swimming and in boats in case we needed help. I couldn’t believe that I was going to go in – I felt excited and scared at the same time. I didn’t feel ready!

They blew the horn and it was time to get in. I did breast stroke and front crawl. It looked quite far to swim and seemed to take ages to get there – like chasing a rainbow. Rainbows move further away from you and it felt like that - as I was getting closer to the finish it seemed to move further away! I was the last person out of the swim but I swam all the way. Another little girl got towed in as she was upset but she beat me out of the swim. I felt happy as there was so many people cheering me on coming out of the swim and I spotted my family cheering too. I ran to my bike and somebody helped me get my wetsuit off and lift my bike down. I had to go round a marshall near a big lollipop stick then got on my bike after the line.

There was still lots of people cheering me on until I got further round the lake. I went all the way round the lake. I never change gear on my bike because I like gears 6 and 1 but I saw 5 swans so thought I could change to gear 5 and that turned out perfect. I overtook 2 people on the bike which felt great!

I got back to transition – lot of cheering again! The lady helped me take my helmet off and a man lifted my bike onto the rack so I could go. The people at transition were very nice.

When I started the run somebody gave me a cup of water to run with. I drank a little bit then dipped my hand in and put some on my head to cool me down. I was pretty dry by then after the swim but not for long – I tipped the rest on myself! I kept overtaking someone and they overtook me right back and we did that again and again. Eventually I got past. We had to run around a marshall then go all the way back again a slightly different way to go through the finish. There were loads of people cheering really, really loud.  I was so proud that I had finished when I got past the line. It made me really happy. At the end they gave me a medal and I wore it round my neck to go and get an ice cream and get my photos taken. I finished happy on this triathlon! I bet the next one will be fun too and I’ll do it even better. One day I’ll be on the podium!

Next day I got a black pen and wrote over my numbers and took everything to school to show my teachers and friends J