Club roles and responsibilities

Welfare officer

Role description:

Acting as welfare officer for the club to ensure that good practice is followed in social aspects of the club’s running, in addition to ensuring implementation of the child protection policy and the protection of vulnerable adults as per the current BTF guidelines on child protection.

Responsible to:

The club committee and the chairperson. In the event of a conflict of interest the committee would discuss with the welfare officer the appointment of an uninvolved individual to mediate with the parties concerned and may seek regional guidance if needed.

Experience and skills required:

The welfare officer should be a well-organised person with good listening skills. They should possess the ability to deal with issues that arise and be able to offer guidance on potential solutions. They should be able to keep appropriate records and liaise with members of the committee, coaching team members and parents or carers as is appropriate. They should ensure safeguarding standards are met. In addition they should be able to manage referrals when needed to appropriate agencies.

Commitment required:

At a club level, attending committee meetings and, when required, the responsibility of dealing with issues that arise. From time to time it may be a requirement to attend regional meetings. The Welfare Officer should attend child protection updates as per the guidelines stated by Triathlon England. The Welfare Officer should play a lead role in disseminating information and be a point of central contact for internal and external individuals and agencies.

Personal benefits:

Improved knowledge of child protection policies and procedures for good practice within triathlon clubs. Benefit from being able to improve the club’s policy in this area.

Benefits to club:

A safer club that is better able to cater for its members' (adult and junior) needs, that is a child centred club and one that is able to respond to the special need of vulnerable or disabled adults.

Support received from:

The club chair, the regional development officer and the National Triathlon England Child Protection Lead. Sports specific training will be reimbursed by the club.