Club roles and responsibilities

Junior section head

Role description:

To take responsibility for coordinating organisation and training activities of the club’s junior section. The head of the junior section should ensure adequate coaching and sessions are available for the club’s juniors, and provide a main point of contact for parents. The head of the section will ensure a safe and adequate introduction to training and racing where applicable.

Responsible to:

The club committee and the junior members of the club, including their parents.

Experience and skills required:

The head of the junior section must have good listening skills and be patient. The ability to work with children and their parents is essential. They will oversee the welfare of the club’s junior members.

Commitment required:

Attending committee meetings (once every two months) as well as chairing specific junior section meetings as required. May also attend and events with the junior section.

Personal benefits:

Liaising with regional junior committees, and the junior members of the club.

Benefits to club:

A healthy, safe environment for the development of the club’s juniors.

Support received from:

The club coaching team.