Club roles and responsibilities

Head coach

Role description:

To set and develop the club’s coaching strategy, chair coaches’ meetings and ensure the number of club coaches is sufficient. To provide guidance and assistance to other club coaches and organise coaching roster.

Responsible to:

The club committee and the membership of the club.

Experience and skills required:

The head coach will typically be a BTF level 3 qualified coach with vast prior experience of coaching. They should be confident when responding to requests for assistance from club members with regards to training and racing queries, knowing where to refer members for specialist information where required.

Commitment required:

Attending committee meetings (once every two months) as well as specific coaching meetings and continuing with their own coaching responsibilities.

Personal benefits:

Developing relationships with the committee and regional coaching committees.Coaching not just athletes but also developing other coaches.

Benefits to club:

Improved delivery of all aspects of club coaching and maintaining effective training sessions.

Support received from:

The club coaching team.