Club roles and responsibilities

Events manager

Role description:

To provide support for event directors of club organised races. Advice and guidance is to be provided to organisers of individual events about the various aspects of running the event, and any timescales to be adhered to.

Responsible to:

The club committee and the chairperson. Also works in close association with event coordinators.

Experience and skills required:

Have experience in event management and in previous volunteering roles. They must be comfortable communicating with event managers and delegating tasks. A knowledge of risk assessment is desirable.

Commitment required:

Time requirements are seasonal depending on club races and events. Time requirements are increased in the build up to events.

Personal benefits:

Liaising with club committee and local companies that provide services.

Benefits to club:

Well delivered and professional events that cater for a range of abilities of triathletes, and a clear route plan for event directors to follow.

Support received from:

The club chair and events directors.