Information and booking through STORE on teamapp, members you will need to log in.  (LINK).

You will be able to get the bike box a few days before your race and return it a few days later in most cases. If you need the bike box very close to a date already booked then please check with us before booking. We now have two bike boxes available.

Tips for travelling with the Bike Box:

  • The airline will most likely make a charge and want it booked in advance.
  • Don't put C02 cannisters in the bike box - you may have to unpack them or the box may be opened by security staff and it will almost certainly cause you delays while they find someone to question you and get additional forms for you to sign
  • Your wheel skewer is used to fix the wheels inside the box - take a spare in case this gets damaged. 

Any queries please contact Andy Biggs via the Durham Tri Social Members group.